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QUAD A Re-Accredits Orbis: Recognizing Excellence in Global Eye Health


HIGHLAND PARK, IL / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2023 / QUAD A, the distinguished accrediting body dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in global healthcare, proudly announces the re-accreditation of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. This re-accreditation exemplifies QUAD A's commitment to upholding exceptional patient care, safety, and excellence within the healthcare industry.

QUAD A's rigorous evaluation process reaffirms Orbis's position as a leader in the global eye health sector. By achieving QUAD A re-accreditation, Orbis continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing outstanding eye care services to communities worldwide.

At the core of Orbis's innovative approach lies its flying surgery center-a symbol of innovation and expertise. As the re-accreditation celebration commences in Zambia, this remarkable facility transcends geographical confines. The flying surgery center takes flight once more, embarking on a mission to deliver essential medical care, training, and capacity-building initiatives to communities spanning continents. Its global impact knows no bounds-bringing renewed hope and life-changing interventions to diverse regions.

"At QUAD A, our mission is to recognize and promote excellence in healthcare organizations globally. Orbis's re-accreditation underscores their commitment to delivering quality eye care services and their impact in the fight against avoidable blindness," Tom Terranova, JD MA MBA, CEO, QUAD A.

Orbis's QUAD A re-accreditation showcases its commitment to excellence and provides a platform for healthcare professionals, medical institutions, and philanthropic organizations to unite in advancing global eye health. By partnering with Orbis, individuals and organizations can contribute significantly to restoring sight and preventing blindness.

QUAD A's recognition of Orbis reinforces the organization's dedication to maintaining the highest industry standards. This re-accreditation attests to Orbis's unwavering commitment to the global fight against avoidable blindness.

About QUAD A:

QUAD A is a leading accrediting body dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in global healthcare. Through rigorous evaluation processes, QUAD A recognizes and promotes excellence in healthcare organizations worldwide. By accrediting organizations like Orbis, QUAD A plays a crucial role in advancing patient care, safety, and quality within the healthcare industry.

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