Vancouver Based Crypto and Blockchain Company, BIGG is Making Waves Globally as Their Stock Price Rises to New Highs

VANCOUVER / USA NEWS GROUP / Since Jan 27, 2021 when BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE:BIGG) (OTCBB:BBKCF) was trading at CDN$0.415 the company has achieved impressive revenue growth and capitalized on the parabolic rise of bitcoin. In todays session so far, BIGG hit an intraday high of CDN$3.65 in heavy trading.

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE:BIGG) (OTCBB:BBKCF) is focused on making sure the future of crypto is a safe, compliant, and regulated environment while investing in products and companies to support this vision.

The company has been acquiring Bitcoin and currently has a treasury of 300 Bitcoin, valued at CAD ~$21.5 million (USD ~$17.1 million) as of 7pm PST February 21, 2021. BIGG believes strongly in the future of Bitcoin, its store of value capability, and its future valuation potential.

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE:BIGG) (OTCBB:BBKCF) owns two operating companies: Netcoins ( and Blockchain Intelligence Group (

Netcoins develops brokerage and exchange software to make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency easily accessible to the mass consumer and investor with a focus on compliance and safety. Netcoins utilizes BitRank Verified® software at the heart of its platform and facilitates crypto trading via a self-serve crypto brokerage portal at

Dec. 7, 2020: Netcoins Trading Volumes Have Grown 726% Year to Date and 60% Month over Month, Exceeding CAD $23 Million in November.

Jan 4, 2021: Netcoins Trading Volumes Grew 1070% in 2020, Exceeding CAD $33 Million in December.

Feb 23, 2021: Netcoins exceeded CAD $100,000 in daily revenue.

- Monthly revenues hit a new record high of ~$1.25 million

- Monthly Active Users has grown by 41% MoM

- Assets Under Custody (AUC) has grown 69% MoM

- Daily verified users (full KYC) grew by 49% MoM

- Trading margins continue to track above 1%

March 2, 2021: Netcoins Announces Daily Revenue Grew 54% Month over Month in February 2021.

Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) has developed a Blockchain-agnostic search and analytics engine, QLUETM, enabling Law Enforcement, RegTech, Regulators and Government Agencies to visually track, trace and monitor cryptocurrency transactions at a forensic level. Our commercial product, BitRank Verified®, offers a “risk score” for cryptocurrencies, enabling RegTech, banks, ATMs, exchanges, and retailers to meet traditional regulatory/compliance requirements.

Our BitRank Verified® “risk-scoring” service gives you a reassuring, easy-to-understand safety ranking of the wallet and/or transaction.

March 24, 2021 BIGG announced a CDN$25,200,000 bought deal financing led by PI Financial Corp. (the “Lead Underwriter”) and including Canaccord Genuity Corp., and Echelon Wealth Partners.

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE:BIGG) (OTCBB:BBKCF) is running toward regulation – becoming a licensed exchange. This will protect consumers from fraud and provide confidence by becoming a regulated trading platform, The company aims to be the first or one of the first. Working since 2018 to be regulated and get licensed with the CSA Sandbox, BC Sec Commission, Ontario Securities Commission and AMF Quebec. Canadian regulators have already made statements and moves to shut down all other unregulated exchanges. This is a major barrier to entry for others and a boost for BIGG once licensed.

The future looks very bright for BIGG and investors are cashing in on their parabolic rise.

Watch Cambridge House interview with BIGG CEO, Mark Binns.

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