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Interlink Flat on Award for Sensors

Interlink Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ: LINK) noticed its shares were very little changed Wednesday. The company, a world-leading provider of sensors and printed electronic solutions that support a wide range of applications, including Human-Machine Interface ("HMI") devices and IoT solutions, is pleased to announce that its Gas and Environmental Solutions division has received a $175,000 SBIR award from NOAA for development of low-cost, low-power sensor nodes for monitoring air quality impacted by wildfire smoke.

As a result of climate change, the number and severity of wildfires have been increasing substantially, as exemplified by the recent tragic events in Maui. In addition to the loss of life of both residents and firefighters, the indirect effects of wildfires can impact human health even if people are living hundreds of miles away from the fire. Estimates of deaths attributable to wildfire smoke globally are 300,000 to 400,000, especially among elderly people, children and people with preexisting respiratory conditions.

"The smoke from Canadian wildfires that has blanketed major cities in the US this summer has highlighted the serious and growing public health concerns arising from wildfires. In addition to the particulate matter that makes the smoke visible, smoke also contains CO, NO2, SO2 and O3, all harmful for human beings," said Dr. Sreeni Rao, General Manager of the Gas and Environmental Sensors Division.

LINK shares dropped four cents to $9.35.