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Haoxi Picks on Ad Contract

Haoxi Health Technology Limited (NASDAQ:HAO) shares climbed early Friday, as the company an online marketing solution provider headquartered in Beijing, announced that Beijing Haoxi Digital Technology Co., Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, entered into a Framework Contract for Cooperation on Information Placement on Media Platforms on April 28, with Wuhan Yiya Simei Dental Clinic Co., Ltd., a regional dentistry chain in China. This partnership underscores the Company’s capabilities in delivering internet marketing solutions.

Pursuant to the Framework Contract, Haoxi Beijing has agreed to provide comprehensive advertising services on popular social media platforms, such as Douyin, Toutiao, and Xigua Video, for Yiya Dental, through various forms of media, including short-video, text, images, flash, as well as mobile app contents. Haoxi Beijing adopts a prepayment model for the services it provides on the aforementioned social media platforms, according to the Framework Contract. During the term of the Framework Contract, Yiya Dental expects the total amount of cooperation fees for advertising to be no less than RMB40 million ($5.5 million U.S.), subject to the actual advertising service orders and agreements between the parties.

CEO Zhen Fan said, “We take immense pride in our collaboration with Yiya Dental. Social media advertising provides robust data analysis tools that enable real-time monitoring of advertising effectiveness and optimization.”

HAO shares gathered 39 cents, or 4.4%, to $9.30.