Recall Studios Offers to Purchase Pulse Evolution Common Stock at $1.38 per Share, PLFX Shares Rally 171%

If you’re a shareholder in quiet Pulse Evolution, boy, did you get a surprise with today’s announcement that Recall Studios (OTC:BTOP) offered to purchase 100% of the unrestricted and open-market shares of Pulse Evolution Corporation (OTC:PLFX) for $1.38 per share!

Together with its acquisition of Evolution AI Corporation, which was also announced today, the proposed tender offer would result in Pulse Evolution Corporation becoming a majority-owned subsidiary of Recall Studios, Inc.

The BIG news sent shares of PLFX up a stratospheric 171% at last check in mid-afternoon trading on volume of over 2 million, something which has never been seen for this stock.

In a letter provided to the board of directors of Pulse Evolution, Recall described the share exchange offer as superior to the prior offer by Evolution AI Corporation in several ways. The improved offer price of $1.38 per share represents a premium of 25% over the prior offer.

It is also the intent of the Company to apply for listing on the New York Stock Exchange, subject to confirmation by the Company’s auditors that the consolidated financial statements of the combined companies meet the NYSE-MKT initial listing requirements.

Commenting on the acquisition, Recall CEO Alexander Bafer stated, "As we prepare for the first significant commercial introduction of our proprietary Augmented Reality apps, the purchase of Evolution AI and Pulse Evolution really help us to complete the picture. Our combined companies will stand uniquely among the industry’s first vertically integrated Mixed-Reality companies, from IP-owner to Content Creator to Applications Provider."

It's news of this type that underscores why millions of investors dabble in micro-cap stocks, because you simply don’t know when it will be your lucky day to cash-in on your investment or see your stock portfolio balloon in value. Today is your day PLFX shareholders!