Alternet Pops on African Power Investment

It is probably one of the least sexy sectors of the investment community, that of utilities. Even as the finish line neared on a volatile Thursday session which saw the markets dipsy and doodle before reaching toward the sun, the utility sector was pointed downward 1.3%. No stocks in Canada qualified for this column.

Dallas-based Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI) did the most celebrating, heralding plans to finalize by Tuesday for a $25-million first tranche investment to fund ALYI's $300-million electric mobility initiative in Africa.

The company says its “mission is to innovate solutions to the global energy storage capacity shortage.”

ALYI's $300-million comprehensive electric vehicle strategy in Africa is founded on initially launching the commercial production of the company's own ReVolt Electric Motorcycle..

And how the stock set off sparks Thursday, gaining 85.4% to 0.76 cents, on volume of 110 million shares.