This BioTech Stock Could Be Poised for a Breakout in 2018

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (CSE:ATT) is a Vancouver-based biotechnology company that invests in cannabis technologies and biotechnology for the legal cannabis industry that is set to rollout in July 2018 in Canada. The stock more than doubled on December 12 after the company announced a breakthrough in its chromatography extraction technology.

The experiments were centered on the extraction of CBD, THC, and THCA from industrial hemp and cannabis. Abattis showed 99% recovery of cannabinoids from the biomass material over the course of the experiments. Generally extraction usually yields up to 80%. The technology was also successful in removing traces of pesticides and harmful residues in the process.

Abattis concluded that if and when the technology is commercialized a plant running at 500 kg-per-day could process cannabidiol at less than $0.20/gram. In addition to this, operating costs is more than 50% less than conventional processes.

Leadership at Abattis believes that this breakthrough will give them a distinct advantage in the extraction industry. Abattis will present the technology to cannabis producers in Canada in order to promote a technology that will provide high quality distillate and isolates at a much lower cost than the competition.

Abattis Bioceuticals was down 7.84% at the top of the noon hour on December 21. The stock is up 220% in 2017. Investors should be on the lookout for opportunities like Abattis as the recreational cannabis rollout fast approaches for its July 2018 target date. Producers will be eager for applications that can reduce costs ahead of what is certain to be a fiercely competitive environment from day one.