HyperSolar Making Strides on Producing "Green" Hydrogen

It may not be alchemy – the transformation of foreign substances into gold, but a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based company is working wonders with sunlight and water, combining them into renewable hydrogen.

HyperSolar, Inc. (OTC:HYSR) announced Wednesday that its Generation 1 device design can be extended for production of hydrogen, chlorine and sodium hydroxide using waste brine and/or sea water in replacement of clean water.

HyperSolar’s development team, along with engineers from the University of Iowa, demonstrated a successful production of hydrogen along with sodium hydroxide and chlorine as byproducts from simulated sea water, using HyperSolar’s proprietary Gen 1 design and coating technology with the modification being an alternative catalyst to produce chlorine instead of oxygen from the anode side.

With production of valuable chemicals alongside hydrogen, the cost of green hydrogen for transportation can be lowered.

HYSR stock hummed right along during Wednesday’s last hour of trade, climbing one-10th of a cent, or 12.5%, to nine-10ths of a cent, on volume of 3.3 million shares.