Moving With a Purpose: Yield Growth Rising to Top as Leader in Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

In recent months, Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS)(OTCQB: BOSQF) management has made it known that it sees an opportunity to diversify its cannabis and hemp wellness products into the mushroom space. The company has moved with precision as it looks to capture share of the booming edible mushroom market and plant its flag in psychedelic mushrooms market too.

In only a matter of a few months, Yield Growth has established a new subsidiary, Flourish Mushroom Labs, appointed new management, made acquisitions giving it 120+ mushroom formulations for consumables, entered into distribution agreements to send its upcoming mushroom products (the non-psychedelic type) to Germany, U.K., Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, Romonia, Bulgaria and Serbia and commenced consumer taste tests on four new mushroom-based coffees.

Now that’s getting things done.

Tuesday morning, Yield Growth said Flourish is developing its IP portfolio for its mushroom assets in the psychedelic arena, filing for a provisional patent in the U.S. covering methods of using serotonin agonists, in particular, psychedelic mushroom actives, for weight loss. Patent protection may be boring on the surface, but the implications are reason to get excited about the direction of the company.

At the Forefront of a New Movement

If in the year 2000 you heard someone say that the FDA would one day, not too far in the distance, approve a cannabis-based drug for treating epilepsy, you probably would have looked at them like they were crazy. Of course, that happened in June 2018 with the approval of Epidiolex (cannabidiol).

Psilocybin, the key compound in psychedelic mushrooms, has similar FDA potential for treating things like depression, OCD, obesity and other maladies where conventional medicines have, for the most part, failed miserably. Owing in part to the bleak outlook of approved therapies for many diseases and conditions, the FDA last year granted the vaunted “breakthrough therapy” designation to COMPASS Pathways as it works to develop psilocybin as a last resort drug for treatment-resistant depression.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that nearly 72% of Americans aged over 20 are either overweight or obese (>35%). Even with the body positive trend and size acceptance movement, Marketdata Enterprises estimates the U.S. weight-loss market to have grown from about $60 billion in 2017 to $72 billion in 2019.

Globally, more than 500 million people are considered obese, meaning they have a body mass index of 30 or higher. Obesity is tied to plenty of co-morbidities, such as increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, renal failure, asthma and many forms of cancer, amongst other things.

To that point, obesity weighs in as a top preventable cause of death globally.

There have been plenty of weight-loss drug busts, many because of brutal side effects, such as heart attacks and strokes (Meridia and ephedra) and suicidal thoughts (Rimonabant). A drug that can safely and effectively help with weight loss continues to have blockbuster potential and one has to wonder where psilocybin could fit in that picture.

This isn’t just tossing a dart and then drawing a circle around it. There are large amounts of science related to serotonin agonists and 5-HT2A agonists in treating disease today. These are believed to fall within the scope of the mechanism of action of psilocybin, making it a choice target for additional development.

Patent Protected

The Flourish Mushroom Labs pending patent seeks to protect the invention that administration of psilocin and/or psilocybin results in an overall weight loss in individuals by reducing food cravings, counteracting compulsive overeating, and aiding in improving quality of diet by altering food choices. The patent pending covers the use of microdose administration of psilocin/psilocybin to have the additional weight loss effect of increasing metabolism, which, combined with a decrease in food cravings or compulsive overeating, or altering food choices to less calorie dense foods, could result in substantial and beneficial weight loss.

The pending patent also covers the use of psilocin/psilocybin in treatment or regulation of diabetes, and regulation of blood glucose and to reduce susceptibility to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and other illnesses associated with obesity.

Furthermore, the patent application provides a right of priority under the Paris Convention as well as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). This means it establishes an effective filing date for inventions adequately described within it for PCT applications or applications in more than 170 countries who are members of the Paris Convention, as long as the foreign application is filed within one year of the provisional filing date.

Rising to the Head of the Class

Granted, magic mushrooms and cannabis remain illegal at the federal level, but it certainly appears that there is a softening on regulatory stances to try and utilize the federally illicit compounds to help millions of people in dire need of alternatives to today’s prescription drugs. Through its Flourish subsidiary, Yield Growth is quickly moving to the forefront of trend that looks to be building some truly sustainable tailwinds and it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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