GTX Heralds Sales Figures of Flagship Product

With the pandemic ravaging the world, and more steps are being introduced to protect people (particularly front-line workers), companies on both sides of the border are striving for the edge to produce better protective devices.

The health-care sector nicked up 0.1% in New York as the trading day came to a close.

Los Angeles-based GTX Corp (OTC:GTXO), which claims to be a pioneer in the field of health and safety wearable technology announced Tuesday it has commenced sales of a new, technologically advanced, "Ti22 Liquid Titanium Shield" (Ti22), which provides screen protection to all glass surfaces of items such as mobile phones, tablets, eyeglasses, goggles, and face shields.

The Ti22 available for $14.99 U.S., works by application of a proprietary nanotechnology-based liquid that binds with the molecular glass structure of the screen surface.

GTX Corp has signed an agreement to become the exclusive United States distributor for this product, which the manufacture represents has been sold to more than five million customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

GTXO shares moved into Tuesday’s last hour of trading up 19.6% to 1.65 cents, on volume of 922,000.