OTC Energy Standouts

Heading into the close, stocks are a mixed bag, with five of the main 11 sectors of the S&P 500 trading slightly in the green while the other six are in the red. Of these main sectors, Energy was by far hit the worst. On days like today, we like to highlight some standouts in the sector.

OTC Standouts:

Zion Oil & Gas Inc. (OTCQX:ZNOG) has yet again had a successful day heading into the last 30 minutes of trading. It surpassed its prior 52-week high of $0.88/share earlier this week, and has been strapped to a rocket since, making a new 52-week high on each of the last two days. As of today, shares traded up to $1.04 (+19.5%), therefore continuing the nice bull run it has seen over the last few months.

Skye Petroleum Inc. (OTC-PNK:SKPO) also found success today, as shares are trading up to $0.0084/share (+15.07%) in the final half hour. This move thrusted the price above its 50-day SMA, leaving just a few recent resistance levels in its way.