Huawei Delays Launch Of Foldable Mate X Smartphone To September

Following several ongoing problems, Huawei has announced that it is delaying the launch of its foldable 5G Mate X smartphone by three months.

The Mate X phone is a direct competitor to Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Fold phone. The three-month delay for the Mate X is the latest setback for Huawei, which was slapped with U.S. sanctions in May. Huawei says the Mate X smartphone will now be rolled out globally in September. It was originally slated to be launched in June.

The delay comes as Huawei phones face being cut off from updates of Google’s Android operating system (OS) in the wake of a U.S. blacklist that bans American companies from doing business with the Chinese firm.

Huawei said that it is in the process of running certification tests with various carriers that are expected to be completed in August of this year. Alphabet Inc’s Google has said that it would no longer provide Android software for Huawei phones after a 90-day reprieve granted by the U.S. government expires this August.