Looking for a Technology Company with an Excellent Dividend? Look No Further

For those investors who have considered the Dogs of the Dow investment trading strategy, the number one stock out there right now, according to this methodology, remains Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ). Currently carrying a dividend yield of more than 4.8%, a yield which has continued to climb in recent months due to a decline in the company’s stock price driven by investor apathy, Verizon remains one of the best value plays on the Dow currently for investors seeking long-term income-generating equities.

Verizon’s business model, market position, customer loyalty, and growth potential all remain robust, providing long-term investors with a solid base upon which to make an investment in this telecom company. Verizon’s strong portfolio of assets support one of the best networks in North America in terms of coverage as well as value, leading to robust subscriber numbers and the potential for additional growth moving forward as customers continue to seek reliability amid a greater need for data and wireless capability.

According to most valuation metrics, Verizon remains undervalued with substantial room for stock price appreciation in addition to dividend yield. Currently trading at 12-times price to earnings and a price to sales ratio of 1.6, Verizon remains a dirt cheap value opportunity for every investor who will be paid to wait for a rebound in the company’s stock price with a yield of nearly 5%. Not too shabby indeed.

Invest Wisely, my friends.