Looking for a Sweet Dividend Play? Consider Hershey

What could be sweeter than investing in a company like Hershey Co. (NYSE:HSY), a company which is known globally as a purveyor of fine chocolate to the masses, for a sweet dividend that grows over time?

Many of the world's greatest investors have focused on investing in firms which closely track the daily purchases one makes, and in that regard, Hershey deserves serious consideration.

From a dividend perspective, Hershey is expected by many analysts to continue to grow its relatively modest dividend (currently sitting just below 2.7%) at a clip of high single digits for the foreseeable future.

The company has maintained a long term strategy of returning value to shareholders, and from a dividend growth perspective, remains a relatively solid pick for investors seeking income over an extended investment horizon.

Hershey continues to hold significant market share in the American chocolate space, holding approximately 45% of the market for branded goods, and as such, is a safe portfolio addition for investors looking for dividend growth in addition to capital appreciation over time.

Hershey continues to invest in growing its brand portfolio, and is not sheepish about making investments in smaller companies it sees as bolt on acquisition opportunities, making this company an interesting dividend play relative to its peers, many of whom carry dividend yields and dividend growth rates substantially lower than that of Hershey.

Assuming Hershey continues to bolster its prominent market position, income investors are likely to benefit from the company’s impressive growth profile over time.

Invest wisely, my friends.