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President Biden To Join Autoworkers On Picket Line

U.S. President Joe Biden plans to join striking autoworkers on the picket line in Michigan in a show of solidarity with the labour movement.

The White House has confirmed that President Biden will walk the picket line with members of the United Auto Workers on September 26.

In a post on his official X account (formerly Twitter), Biden said: “It’s time for a win-win agreement that keeps American auto manufacturing thriving with well-paid UAW jobs.”

Biden’s trip will mark an historic presidential appearance on a union picket line and comes as a strike against America’s three largest automakers, General Motors (GM), Ford (F), and Stellantis (STLA) enters its second week.

On September 27, former U.S. President Donald Trump, who’s running to reclaim the presidency in 2024, is scheduled to deliver a speech to an audience of union members, including Detroit autoworkers.

Union members, once a reliable liberal voting block, have gravitated towards more conservative candidates in recent years, according to polling data.

UAW President Shawn Fain had personally invited President Biden to join the autoworkers on the picket line after announcing an escalation of the union’s strike on September 22.

The autoworkers’ union is demanding pay increases of 40% for workers and a return to traditional defined benefit pension plans for all employees.