CTD Hikes on Niemann-Pick Treatment Trials

New developments were publicized Thursday in the effort to save lives, as Florida-based CTD Holdings Inc (OTC:CTDH) announced its first home-based infusion of its proprietary formulation of hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin, Trappsol® Cyclo, in a formal clinical trial.

Thursday’s news release said the trial is focusing on the long-term safety of Intravenous Trappsol® Cyclo in patients with Niemann-Pick Disease Type C (NPC-1) in the United States.

CEO Scott Fine says, "Today's infusion is a milestone for all who have supported CTD's clinical program from the very beginning. We are pleased to be able to provide home-based infusions to NPC patients even as we continue to gather data needed to support market registration of Trappsol® Cyclo for NPC."

CTD claims to be, again, quoting the release, “a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops cyclodextrin-based products for the treatment of disease with unmet medical need.”

While the volume wasn’t there by noon Thursday – only 10,000 shares – price action certainly turned heads, climbing 14 cents, or 20%, to 83.9 cents.