Why Intel Corporation Is Still an Interesting Long-Term Play

Despite a considerable (and understandable) amount of concern levied toward blue chip companies like Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) in terms of the ability of such companies to grow over the long-term, given the highly antiquated business models such companies are typically known for, it can be very hard for a growth-oriented investor to get up in the morning and decide to invest in a company such as Intel with earnings quality constantly being brought into question in its declining hardware business segment.

That being said, I believe Intel remains an interesting long-term play for those who continue to believe that the company’s culture of pivoting toward where the next opportunity lies is still intact. Intel has been a continuous acquirer of upstart companies, integrating such firms into Intel’s growing base of could and AI-related services, as well a 5G technology and various data storage solutions which will potentially allow Intel to remain on the forefront of integrating these technologies into our daily lives.

I continue to hold firm in the belief that Intel has a balance sheet which may not be as desirable to some on the surface, but holds a number of intangible assets including its long-standing partnerships with the companies that have shaped how the critical infrastructure and technologies we now take for granted have been effectively managed and integrated into our every day lives.

Looking out ten to twenty years, Intel looks to be an attractively priced play today relative to its peers, with very modest valuation multiples alongside reasonable long-term upside.

Invest wisely, my friends.