Investing in Big Data Could Prove Lucrative For This Micro Cap

"Big data" is all the rage today, with analysts bullish on the future as measured by MarketsAndMarkets forecasting market growth from $138.9 billion in 2020 to $229.4 billion by 2025. Without question, the outset of the digital age at the turn of the century was a tipping point, but the idea of storing and analyzing data actually goes back – believe it or not – to the Old Stone Age.

Some 20,000 years ago, Paleolithic people used tally sticks for effectively what is data storage, as evidenced through a Ishango bone found in 1960 in Uganda. Back then, tribespeople would notch sticks and bones to document trading activities or supply levels. Then, using rudimentary calculations, they could estimate how long supplies would last.

By 2,400 BCE the abacus was invented, and the first libraries were documented. Fast-forward to 1865 and Richard Millar Devens used “business intelligence” to describe how banker Henry Furnese built an edge over competitors by collecting and analyzing business activity information. It wasn’t until 1999 that 20,000 years of build-up resulted in the coining of the term “Big Data” in its current meaning.

Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning are commonplace, and companies of all sizes are using big data daily to optimize operations and reach target demographics to increase exposure and sales.

Big data can even help companies understand what they’re not doing well, according to Peter Gan, President and CEO of Royal Wins Corp. (CSE:SKLL). “We believe that having quality data on our acquisition efforts is an important piece of the puzzle: ensuring that we champion the channels that yield the best results and helps us identify the channels that need improvement," said Gan last week about a new partnership with global attribution leader Appsflyer.

Royal Wins, one of the newest companies to come public on the Canadian Securities Exchange, is the developer and operator of the skill gaming app Kash Karnival. Kash Karnival, a suite of 36 games, is disrupting the traditional games market by offering skill game wagering and betting on mobile games and those with life-changing jackpots based on skill, not merely luck. The games are designed to be simple to learn, but extremely challenging to master and win cash, which keep players coming back over and over again. The company boasts an amazing 80% player retention rate and a user base of over 1.6 million.

Players can get a leg up by purchasing Kash Coin bundles, which can include “Booster Cards” that gives the player an in-game advantage when redeemed. The company recently released the latest iOS version of Kash Karnival to include Apple Pay as a native payment processor.

In its new partnership, Appsflyer will provide Royal Wins with data to better understand its customers to allow a stronger and more accurate product offering to improve the user experience. Appsflyer, an insights stalwart that counts companies like TikTok, US Bank, Nike, Domino’s, Snapchat, Albertsons, and more as clients, will collect and analyze data on user’s habits across the Kash Karnival ecosystem, from clicking on ads to making deposits. Following a user’s journeys will allow Royal Wins to make adjustments to remove any common paths of resistance.

Shares of Royal Wins started trading on the CSE on July 20. Since then, a new trading base around the mid to upper-20-cent level has been building. While the chart is still fairly new, a technical support at $0.20 has formed, while resistance looks to be at $0.30. A move above $0.30 could catalyze the bulls as would any upcoming corporate announcements.