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Integral Ad Sciences Hooks Up with Pinterest

Integral Ad Science (NASDAQ: IAS) shares gained ground Thursday, as the company leading global media measurement and optimization platform, today announced a partnership with Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) to provide global advertisers with greater transparency into campaigns across Pinterest's in-app feed through IAS's AI-driven Total Media Quality (TMQ) Brand Safety and Suitability product.

Trusted Campaign Insights: Consistent with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) standards for Brand Safety, the new offering provides advertisers with third-party campaign insights backed by trusted and transparent industry metrics to help brands safeguard and scale across Pinterest.

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Total Media Quality (TMQ) for Pinterest is powered by IAS's AI-driven Multimedia Technology, and enables advertisers to accurately classify pins at scale through frame-by-frame analysis, combining image, audio, and text signals to better protect and grow their brands on Pinterest.

Campaign Level Measurement: Advertisers and agencies running campaigns on Pinterest will gain access to daily reporting inclusive of brand safety pass rates, viewability rate, time-in-view, and more to ensure ads are driving engagement and reaching real users in brand-safe environments.

Global Coverage: Brand Safety Measurement for Pinterest will be available to 39 countries, across 40 languages.

IAS shares began Thursday to $up nine cents, or 1%, to $9.41, while those for PINS slid 22 cents to $43.68.