Hooke Audio Introduces Sound Filters for Android and Apple iOS

A Slew of New 3D Audio Features Include Sound Filters Like Concert and Interview Mode for Enhanced Binaural 3D Audio on Mobile

BROOKLYN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 7, 2017 / Hooke Audio (www.hookeaudio.com), makers of the Hooke VERSE, the world's first Bluetooth headphones that also record binaural 3D audio to any device, have released Hooke Audio 2.0, their biggest Android and iOS app updates since launch.

Introducing "3D Audio Filter Pack: Core" - An essential collection of sound filters for anyone joining the 3D Audio revolution.

The latest update brings many firsts to the world of mobile audio recording. Designed to engage both current and non Hooke Verse owners in the growing 3D Audio market, filters like "Concert," "Delaytor," and "Steroscoper" can be overlaid on Hooke Audio binaural recordings in addition to videos made with the smartphone's built-in mic.

The filters include:

  • Verbamon - Add reverb to acoustic guitar recordings or bedroom vocals with Verbamon.
  • Delaytor - Add echo and make recordings sound out of this world with Delaytor.
  • Stereoscoper - Turn videos captured with the built in mono iPhone mic into rich multichannel stereo sound with Stereoscoper.
  • Concert - Make your concert recordings pop with concert filter.
  • Interview - Eliminate unnecessary noise like light hum or fan noise when conducting an interview with the interview filter.

"What is most exciting about 2.0 is all of the opportunities that it will bring to non Hooke Verse users," said Hooke Audio Founder and CEO, Anthony Mattana. "For those interested in the 3D Audio revolution but have yet to take the plunge, our new 3D Audio filters will provide a great introduction into the many storytelling possibilities that binaural 3D Audio can bring. At Hooke Audio, we believe everyone should be just as creative with sound on their smartphones as they are with video and photo. This is a great step forward in changing the way we record the world."


The stylish Hooke VERSE Bluetooth headphones incorporate specially designed binaural 3d audio microphones that capture audio exactly as the human ear hears it - with the ability to localize sounds in 360 degrees. Hooke Audio's integrated iOS and Android apps enable users to pair the Verse with the smartphone's camera, record videos or solely audio in Mobile 3D Audio, and upload the results directly to social networks such as YouTube and Twitter. Listeners can experience binaural 3D audio with any stereo headset or speaker configuration.

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Hooke VERSE wireless 3D audio recording headphones (which carry a suggested retail price of $239) are available via the company's website: www.hookeaudio.com. The company's latest binaural recordings are available for viewing and listening on YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and the 3D Audio blog - a destination for all commentary on the spatial audio space, virtual reality, and the technologies behind sound.

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SOURCE: Hooke Audio